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About Us

Building on more than 30 years of service, Grant Ave Development is dedicated to providing the community with opportunity and advancement.


Owned by Dan Soules and Mark Dunn, Grant Avenue Development is a locally based company owning and operating 39 Arby's and 1 Tim Hortons Restaurants in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It's corporate offices are located in Auburn, New York.Grant Ave Development are part of several entities owned by Soules & Dunn Development Group. Today, the company employs over 700 employees with over 300 in New York State.

Setting the Standard

The Company began as a modest operation in 1987. Decades of hard work, growth, and strategic acquisitions brought much success to Grant Avenue Development and built a strong foundation for what has become a very successful company. 

Always ahead of the curve

Maintaining its role as an industry pioneer, Grant Avenue Development continues to develop the community and create opportunities for Cayuga County.

With constant focus on the unique challenges and needs of the local community, Grant Avenue Development has upheld a central role in the daily operations of its customers for more than 30 years.