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how you all been? haven't spoken in a while. all is pretty good in the Arby's world these days. We have had some changes here at GAD. I will share some of that with you in a while. Sales have been really good for GAD, we ended 2016 on a real high note, we were almost twice what the Arby's corp stores were and we did double up the rest of the franchisees. It was good year for us. We implemented the "Happy Hour" from 2pm-5pm in all of our stores. guest came in and took advantage of our $1 sliders and fountain drinks and curly fries from 2pm-5pm everyday. We ran a Pork Belly sandwich in October that knocked the socks off our guests, so much so, that Arby's ran out of Pork Belly. We also reformulated the Angus 3 cheese and the Philly that also is hitting home runs for us. 

A few of us went to the National Convention in Orlando this year, saw some interesting new equipment and new menu items, got to see Marcellus Wallace aka Ving Rhaymes better known as the voice of Arby's, he is one cool cat let me tell you.

We had our bi-annual (every 2 years), is that the right word? GAD RALLY in October at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim PA.This place is really cool, check out there web page, just google them. We had special guests from Arby's there to be guest speakers, John Bowie was our key note speaker, he is the "Cheif Operating Officer" of Arby's, we had Stephen Crouch who is our Senior Director of franchise Operations and we also had our dear and old friend Matt Garrett come and speak to us as well, Mark Dunn, our franchisee motivated the team as well with his wisdom,adn his Partner Mr. R. Daniel Soules spoke to us via a recorded video message as well.we did we did recognize a few special people, The GM of the Year for our Virginia Markets was Paul Jenkins from our Timberlakes Rd store in Lynchburg, Our GM of the year for the NYPA market was Carrie Waite from our Pulaski NY store and we recognized Penny Barker as our District Manager of the year, she has now won the award 5 times. The theme of our Rally this year was "essential Piece" we had t-shirts made up for all attendees that showed a jig saw puzzle with our core values and team principles as pieces of the puzzle and we had one piece on their with the name of each GM in our company as the missing piece....pretty cool huh?

At all of our Rally's, our DM's during the day will stand up and recognize one of their team as "Red Hat Hero", this is someone who goes out of his/her way and goes the extra mile to deliver on our core vales, and helps us in any way possible to make our company a great company, and Scarlotte Gilkerson recognized my wife Nancy as her Red Hat Hero for all she does in making our rally a success, from scouting out the Spooky Nook to make sure it met our standards, to picture taking throughout the event and to ensuring that all of the hotel needs and wants from all of GAD team throughout the event were meat..Very Nice Scarlotte...thank you for that!!

There was a surprise recognition that caught the Master of Ceremonies off guard, (me), my District managers presented me with a nice award that Penny spoke on behalf of the team, it stated "The Essential Piece since 1993 Robert Kelley 2016" this really meant a lot to me coming from my District managers, we built a really good company up from 3 stores in 1993, to the current 39 we own and operate in 3 states.

We did get three stores remodeled this year, Jamison Ave in Roanoke, Sayre PA and Cicero NY.....they look wonderful and sales are awesome too. Congrats to all 3 stores.

Lastly, a few changes in personnel at team GAD. In the office, we have Jeanne Bunnel as Jack of all trades, Jessie Wilmont our Payroll specialist and Joanna Donovan who is our new Office Manager.. Welcome to the team.
We have a few new GM's, I hope i spell the names correctly, Wayne Ross in Roanoke, Tim Cochran in Christiansburg, Raven Hackworth in Farmville , Pam Powers in Harrisonburg, Jessica Moneypenny in Lexington, Robin Butts in Mansfield PA, Christie Preston in Whitney Point NY....Good luck to all of you in your new positions!!! Make us proud.

Dennis Kanady from the ARG world has left the dark side, lol, and joined team GAD as Director of Operations for the Virginia market, a welcome addition.

OK more to follow, got some pictures to upload...see you soon