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yup, thats me in 8th grade. insert joke here. it has sure been an interesting year for Team GAD.  We had a record year in sales coming off a record year in sales. KUDOs to us. I will ramble on here with no sense of direction for what I am saying. my most proud accomplishment has to be the opening of our newest location in Oneida NY, We opened that baby on September 1st and broke every sales record GAD ever had, biggest first 7 days, biggest first 30 days, so on and so forth. We did it with myself and Penny our Senior DM and a bunch of GM's from NYPA that went above and beyond for me. Cindi Tewksbury and Jeff Hoffman and David Li'Italien and Jeff Williams and Marjorie Causey worked tirelessly to get that store open. I didnt think I could get my 57 year old self to act like 20 years ago, and work from open to close for 2 weeks straight, but age is just a number and I am very proud of what we accomplished. The Millennials couldnt keep up with us, and they are now working at Dunkin or the Golden arches, experience and loyalty always seems to win out. So kids, love your job,love who you work with and love who you work for.., because nobody ever quit their company, they quit their leader. our remodel schedule has been very aggressive, Candlers Mtn RD in Lynchburg, Williamson Rd. in Roanoke and any day now the Brandon Ave store in Roanoke will reopen.

I will update you a little more at the end of the week, just trying to catch up.